Time Tracker 365 Pricing

Time Tracker is a “pay-as-you-go” service and is designed to be user friendly and easy to understand and manage. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal, plus you never have to sign a contract!

Low Level Alerts

The Time Tracker billing area has as a built in Low Level Alert feature that will help you manage your accounts billing.  t defaults to $10 but can be set to any level. When your account reaches this level you will receive an e-mail reminder with your current balance information.

Automatic Billing

Available in 2016!

This will allow you to set up minimum and maximum account balances. When your account reaches the maximum level your credit card on file will be billed and your account will reset to the minimum level

Month Fee

  • Unlimited Employees / Customers

Time Tracker Pricing

Service Amount Details
Monthly Fee* $9.99  Unlimited Employees

Clock In 800 Number* $.07  
Clock In Local Number* $.06 Must apply for numbers, additional $1.99/month
Failed Call Fee* $.04 Incomplete Clock in Calls
Clock In Mobile Web App* $.04  
Ticket System Work Orders* $.095  
SMS Messages Sent* $0.0175 Bulk Only
SMS Message Alerts FREE  
Email Message Bulk & Alerts FREE  
Email Support FREE  
Phone Support $125/hr Billed by the minute
One Time Data Import FREE  
Future Imports $45 Per Import Process
Future Upgrades FREE  
As of Jan 1st 2017

*Intro Rates, prices are subject to change.