We are going to try and put out a bi-weekly email with information about what’s new and some tip and tricks about TimeTracker365.  We have made a lot of changes over the past few months and do not know if you know about these new and exciting features.  Each email will try and focus on one key area to make it quick to read and learn.  Since this is the first email I am going to use this as a general what’s new.

Mobile – If you have not already seen the mobile site we encourage you to check it out.  Designed to look great on all mobile phone browsers our mobile web app will continue to grow with functionality.  This will also be our next email focus, so keep an eye out for that.

Document Center – Used to keep manuals, training material, videos and more.

Tickets / Work Orders – If you have tasks that need to be performed and you want to track employee in and out, attach photos and notes, and even gather a signature then we have the tool for you.

Message Center – New improvements to include better tracking, and alerts on all platforms.

Logger – Data logging for long term storage of simple data.

Data Import and Export – Import schedules and better all around reports.

These are just a few of the areas changed recently; We will highlight these and others in the coming weeks.  We would like to encourage everyone to continue to let me know how we can help better your business with TimeTracker365. Almost all of the features and add-ons are because of customer recommendations, so keep them coming.  TimeTracker365 is coming up on its 7 year anniversary on April 5th and I am glad you are part of the TimeTracker365 family.