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Frequently Asked Questions


Does TimeTracker365 have payroll capabilities?

TimeTracker365 covers all the bases when it comes to tracking, editing, and recording time. You will have the ability to prepare payroll by editing time data in TimeTracker365, then export an excel sheet to import into most major payroll systems. Inquire with our team for which payroll systems in particular are supported.

What types of businesses is TimeTracker365 good for?

We can work with virtually any business that manages time for hourly employees. In particular we specialize in companies that have mobile employees visiting multiple locations during their work day. If you have employees that service customers’ residences, employees that are remote, or employees that  travel, TimeTracker365 can definitely help! But chances are we can help anyways!

Are there any limitations on users or admins in my account?

No as of now you can have any number of users and any number of admins in your account. Users will be charged respectively of course – admins are free.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for a free 20 day trial that gives access to all features. At any time during the trial you may subscribe to 1 of 2 plans we offer (User–>Billing Area). After the 20 day trial expires you will be required to purchase a plan to be able to continue.

How does billing work?

Every account is auto billed monthly to a credit or debit card. The billing cost is calculated as follows (number of users x plan rate[$4 or $6] + number of toll free dials x plan rate[$0.04 or $0].

Any changes made to an account will always reflect on the next billing cycle.


Can my team easily access the app from their phones?

Yes as we cater to companies with employees in the field, our mobile app (on android and apple) supports everything the employee would need – their time sheet, profile, mobile clocking-in/out, requests for changes to their times, as well as gps capabilties for ge-fencing etc.

Still have questions? Drop us a message using the contact form above.