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ATTN! – CUSTOMERS & LOCATIONS are one in the same and you will see them both mentioned in this help document.  As of Jan 1st 2015 the default title is Locations on new accounts.  This is simply a title that you can actually change to meet your company needs, for example if you don’t track customers you can set it to buildings or clients.  To change this title see SETUP.

Customers are a very important part of the TimeTracker system, they are the physical locations where users will be clocking in at.  Each location will have a 4 – 6 digit TTID that you will setup.  This TTID is used as an identifier when clocking in via the telephone.  

Name – The name of your customer or location.

Address – Two address are available, a normal and a bill to.

Phone – Two phone numbers are available, these DO NOT control the caller ID functions and alerts, see Time Tracker Caller ID.

Email – Two email addresses are able to be stored, the primary email is used to send alerts to this customer if setup.

Division / Type – These two fields are for report sorting ONLY.  

Status – Status is broken down to three different levels Active / Inactive / Void

  • Active – seen on all lists
  • Inactive – used for seasonal deactivation
  • Void – will not be on any lists, only able to find on advanced search reports, used to remove.

Website– Store a customers website.

TTID – This is a 4 – 6 digit number that is used to clock in at this location.   


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