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ATTN! – USERS & EMPLOYEES are one in the same and you will see them both mentioned in this help document.  As of Jan 1st 2015 the default title is Employee on new accounts.  This is simply a title that you can actually change to meet your company needs, for example if you don’t track employees you can set it to Sub Contractor or Nurses.  To change this title see SETUP.

Users / Employee are the Backbone of the time tracker 365 system. You can think of Users as any person you want to put into the system. The reason we call this section Users and not just Employees is that Time Tracker 365 can be a contact database and can store more than just employees. The Default label for this section is Employees but this can be changed to fit your needs. See Setup for instructions on how to change Titles.


Name – First name, last name and a display name, display is auto set to Last, First and we advise that you use this format.

Position / Division / Type – These three fields are for report sorting ONLY they do not control access levels to the software.  Access is done with Permissions, to set your options for all three of these Filters please see Setup.

Address – Two address fields are available per user

Status – Status is broken down to three different levels Active / Inactive / Void

  • Active – able to Sign in and will be see on all lists
  • Inactive – will not be able to Sign In but will be on most lists, used for seasonal deactivation
  • Void – will not be on any lists, only able to find on advanced search reports, used to terminate.

Login Name – Used to Sign In, will need a password as well.  See Permissions for more details on controlling User Access levels

PIN – The 4 – 6 digits number the user will use to clock in and out with via a telephone.

Phone – Up to three phone numbers and types can be stored

SMS & Email – Both of these fields are important if you would like to use more advanced features such as Bulk Text Messaging, Bulk Emailing, and Alerts.

Emergency Contacts – Store two EMR Contacts

Dates – Store five dates of your choice per employee.  See Dates for more information on how to run reports and renaming titles.

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