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Swimming pool management software

If you run a swimming pool management company with lifeguards and/or pool attendant employees then you have found the right service! This is the only software designed specifically for you. The entire software package was originally designed with a swimming pool management company in mind. We know the stresses of the summer season and have thought out every aspect of lifeguard management. Here are a few of the great services that you will enjoy with Time Tracker 365 and other FREE tools that are provided when you signup.


Why Are We The Best?

To provide user friendly software designed to be the only management software you will ever need
Using the latest technology to create a better experience for you.
Cloud VOIP
Virtual Servers
Jquery&Jquery Mobil
…and more
We offer FREE telephone support and we will always offer free support. You can speak to a representative before and after you join.


  • Employees clock in and out via telephone
  • Caller ID recognition allows you to block employees from using cell phones
  • Print/e-mail/view instant time cards
  • Track multiple pirates per employee
  • Process payroll in a few simple steps
  • Employees HR issue tracker
  • Create cvs and xls files to import data into your favorite payroll software: Paychex, ADP, Paycom, MyPaySolutions, Quickbooks, and more.


  • Schedule staff online
  • Collect Availability and Request Time Off easily
  • Print/e-mail/view online schedules
  • Create Groups and Associations to organize your staff and customers
  • Compare time records to schedules for accurate invoicing and budgeting
  • Create master and specialty schedules to allow your staff to follow contracts
  • Employee access area for online time cards
  • Three different ways to write schedules to meet your customers needs
  • Ability to send schedule to staff
  • No Show Alerts so you always know who is late or who did not show up

E-mail and SMS Messaging

  • Send out mass e-mails and text messages
  • Group messages by customer, employee position, location, and more
  • Quickly view and contact individual staff members
  • Send staff members alerts with special information

Events Manager

  • Create events for employees to sign-up and attend: classes, training, meetings, interviews, etc.
  • Receive alerts when someone signs up for your event
  • Print or e-mail event rosters
  • Track certification dates
  • Run reports to see who has expired certifications ow who’s are going to expire soon
  • Collect Money Via Paypal


  • Set up applications on your own website and have them viewable here
  • Track applications through hiring process (interview, classes, paperwork)
  • Turn applications into employee users without having at enter ANY data
  • Create a Jobs Board to advertise specific positions you are hiring for
  • Track notes with dates and times attached
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