Fleet Text allows you to send bulk SMS, MMS, and email all from a chat window. Use a combination of tools to reach your mass audience such as dynamic filters and more.

6 cents per SMS

All features included

 Purchase Fleet Text standalone or as a TimeTracker365 add-on!

List Builder

The List Builder allows you to put together a combination of people using filters, then add them to a send list.

Continue finding and adding recipients until you’re finished building your send list.

Once ready, you can mass send an SMS to hundreds or thousands with 1 click. It’s that simple.

Reach end users with a high percentage of reads!

Parents of students, staff, field techs, drivers, event workers, whomever.

Stay in touch and communicate with your employees.

Send bulk updates to students’ parents – they prefer receiving updates directly to their phone via SMS.

Need to speak with someone at the school? No problem, text everyone and respond from the same system in a matter of minutes.



Schedule Sender

Send a csv of this week’s schedule via SMS and email so you know employees on the go always have access to view it quickly.

 You can add any type of info and give staff a link so that they can view the info.


It doesn’t matter what kind of industry, group, or audience you need to mass send to.

Fleet Chat can be used for transportation companies, education, pool companies, home health care, building services, events promotion, and more!

Bulk SMS anyone who becomes verified (chooses to accept texts).



Track messages, see send statuses and understand failure errors.

Keep track of who received your message and who didn’t. This helps understand communication with your audience.

Only 6 cents per SMS, MMS, and email with everything included!

Ready To Get Sending?